Use SMS Banking service by downloading Century m-Banking application available in various platforms. The users can use offline mode and send the coded message for the service through SMS service. The charges for the SMS shall be standard as per the carriers.

SMS banking solutions offer customers a range of functionalities, classified by push and pull services.


Typical Push services would be:

  1. Periodic account balance reporting
  2. Reporting of salary and other credits to the bank account
  3. Successful or un-successful execution of a standing order
  4. Successful payment of a cheque issued on the account
  5. Insufficient Funds
  6. Large value withdrawals on an account
  7. Large value withdrawals on the ATM or EFTPOS on a debit card
  8. Large value payment on a credit card or out of country activity on a credit card
  9. One time password and authentication

Typical Pull Services would be:

  1. Account Balance Enquiry
  2. Mini Statement request
  3. Electronic bill payment
  4. Transfer between customers own accounts, like moving money from a saving account to another saving account or current account.
  5. Stop payment instruction on a cheque
  6. Requesting for an ATM card or credit card to be suspended
  7. De-activating a credit or debit card when it is lost or the PIN is known to be compromised.
  8. Foreign currency exchange rates enquiry
  9. Deposit interest rates enquiry

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