• Income sources are required in order to meet the debt obligation of bank. We considered various income sources as below;  
  1. Income Type
  2. Salary Income
  3. Rental/Lease income from property
  4. Vehicle Income
  5. Business Income
  6. Foreign Employment
  7. Self-Employment Income etc.
  • Yes, lump-sum drawdown can be allowed only in case of need basis (as per requirement of University/ College) but all amounts shall be transferred to college via TT/SWIFT/draft. Normally, we shall disburse enrollment expenses at the first time and then accordingly in beginning of other semesters after getting letter/document evidence from University/College.
  • Yes, you will get Century Flexi Loan up to 1.0 mio backed by your repayment capacity if your real estate collateral have only 4 ft. road access.
  • You can purchase the house in your wife’s ownership making you as a personal guarantor of this loan. And, yes your foreign income can be considered for calculating repayment capacity. For this, you just need to submit your salary certificate, bank statement, and pay slips/ remittance slips.