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Credit Products Premium Rate*
Overdraft BR+1%-3% 
Trust Receipt Loan / Demand Loan BR+0.75%-2.75
Export Finance BR+0.75%-2.75% 
Other Working Capital BR+1%-3
Term Loan  BR+1%-3
Personal / Mortgage Loan BR+2.25%-4.25
Other Loans BR+2.25%-4.25
Deprived Sector BR+0% - 5


Home Loan Premium Rate*
Upto 10 Years BR+1.25%-3.25
Upto 15 years BR+2.25%-4.25
Upto 20 years BR+3.25%-5.00
Vehicle Loan - Personal Use Premium Rate*
Upto 5 years BR+2%-4%
Upto 7 years BR+3%-5%
Vehicle Loan - Commercial Use Premium Rate*
Upto 5 years BR+3%-5%
Upto 7 years BR+4%-5
SME Loans Premium Rate*
Overdraft BR+1.50%-3.50
Trust Receipt Loan/STL BR+1.50%-3.50
Term Loan BR+1.50%-3.50
Other Loans Premium Rate*
Education Loan BR+1.50%-3.50
Agricultural Loan BR+1.50%-3.50
Loan against Shares  BR+2.25%-4.25
Loan against Gold & Silver BR+3.25%-5
Flexi Loan BR+2.25%-4.25
Loan against Fixed Deposits

Own/Other bank: BR+1% premium or coupon rate+2% whichever is higher

Loan against Government Securities BR+3% premium or coupon rate +2% whichever is higher
Consortium  Loan As per consortium decisions
Watch List Client BR+ upto 4%
Base Rate as of Chaitra end 2076 i.e. 10.27% p.a.

*Rates are indicative only. 


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