What's New

  • Century appoints Paras Khadka and Pratibha Mali as Brand Ambassador


CCBL has put in place high caliber professionals to lay a solid foundation upon which the bank can provide exemplary services to its valued customers.

Acting Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Tulasi Ram Gautam
 Chief Executive Officer
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Jeevan Bhattarai
 Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Chief Risk Officer Chief Credit Officer Chief Operating Officer
Ms. Anupama Shrestha Manandhar
 Chief Risk Officer
 Mr. Manoj Neupane
 Chief Business Officer
Mr. Deepesh Pradhan
 Chief Operating Officer
Chief Marketing officer Chief Branch Management Officer Chief Finance Officer
Mr. Ranjan Khadka
 Chief Marketing Officer
 Mr. Ramesh Kumar Shrestha
 Chief Co-ordination and Monitoring Officer
Mr. Anil Regmi
 Chief Finance Officer
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