CCBL has been advancing various credit facilities to different customers and segments. From the view point of market segmentation on the basis of loan size and catering the need of upgraded SMEs, creation of new risk assets portfolio under special category of Mid Corporate Banking aims to attract and offer medium scale enterprises with a complete package of banking products and services in holistic approach.  

Mid Corporate Banking is differentiated from other business clients not just in size but in the appropriate treatment strategy. The purpose of Mid Corporate segment is to cater or create the market especially focusing the customers that hovers between SME and Corporate segment. Mid Corporate clients shall be better served with client-centric strategic viewpoint. 

Mid Corporate Banking is handling credit portfolio above NPR 100 Million and up to NPR 250 Million including both funded and non-funded facilities to an enterprise or a group of enterprises falling under the same obligor group. The targeted customer group under this segment is medium level businesses involved in manufacturing, trading and service sectors.