Bank Guarantees

Bank guarantee is very important tools / instrument for facilitating various businesses viz. construction, contract, supply, manpower, tour & travel, outsourcing company and agency businesses. In Nepal, construction business continuously growing and expected to grow further where massive physical infrastructure is yet to be developed. Since construction is the part of development, its scope never ends. Further, due to the advancement on trading & service mechanism, practice & scope of bank guarantee is growing in supply & agency businesses too. Due to this fact, in view of commission based income, bank guarantee is one of the major business activities for the bank.

Our Bank Guarantee Facilities comprises wide range of services to facilitate construction and other business of our valuable customers. We are committed to high level of customer service to meet the business requirements of our customers while equally concerned about the risks associated with guarantee transactions. Hence, our Bank Guarantee/Trade Finance team processes your requests with extensive care complying local and international laws associated with Guarantee.

1. Bank Guarantee & Contract Loan Facilities:

a. Bid Bond

b. Performance Bond

c. Advance Payment Guarantee

d. Credit Supply Guarantee

e. Other Guarantee viz. Customs Guarantee, Court Guarantee

f. Line of Credit

g. We also provide Contract Loan against project awarded to the contractors and provide Hire Purchase for various construction equipment financing.

2. Documents Required

  1. Loan Application
  2. Firm Registration Certificate (in case of Proprietorship or Partnership Firm)
  3. Partnership Deed (in case of Partnership Firm)
  4. Company Related Documents:
  • Company Registration Certificate (Company Registrar and/or Industry Dept., Dept. of Commerce or other related Office)
  • Memorandum of Association (Prabandhapatra)
  • Articles of Association (Niyamabali)
  • Fresh Share Lagat certified by Company Registrar
  • Minute of Board (must mentioned different loan amount and authorised person to sign legal documents and to be signed by all directors)
  • Special Minute of Shareholder (more than 2/3 majority of shareholders) for acquiring loan exceeding Capital & Free Reserve for more than six months period.
  • Details of Shareholding Percentage of Promoters/Shareholders
  • Name of Board of Directors
  1. PAN/VAT/Excise Duty Registration Certificate
  2. Tax Clearance Certificate
  3. Citizenship and Photo of Individual/Proprietor/Partners/Directors/Guarantors (all partners in case of partnership)
  4. Borrower's/Company Profile (Market information, Suppliers, Buyers/Dealers, Competitor, etc.)
  5. Profile/CV of all promoters/partners/proprietor
  6. Net Worth of Promoters/Guarantors
  7. Family Detail of Proprietor/Partners/Promoters/Guarantors
  8. Multiple Banking Declaration
  9. Collateral Related Documents:

Land Ownership Certificates (Lal Purja) and other Land and Building related documents (i.e. Char Killa Pramanit, Tress Map, Blue Print of Map, Bato Sifaris, Approved Drawing of Building, Construction Completion Certificate of Building) Malpot Paid Receipt; House & Land Tax Paid Receipt & Rajinama Pass (Purja)

  • Audited Financial Statement as per Tax purpose (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet and other annexure) of last 3 years, provisional Statement of Current Fiscal Year
  • Projected Financial Statement for up-coming 3 years.
  • Net worth Statement Form/Multiple Banking Transaction Information, Ka. Su. Fa.
  • Monthly details of Stock, Debtors, Sales, Creditors

3. Guarantee Application Forms

4. Guarantee Extension Forms

5. Counter Guarantee Forms

6. Online Verification of Guarantee Issued