“There is a wide recognition that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a critical role in the economic growth and industrial development of a country. SMEs are instrumental for generating employment and thereby alleviating poverty and meeting local needs. CCBL has recognized SME loans as one of the most important sectors in lending for sustainable growth. In order to compete in the changing market conditions and to meet the borrower’s requirements; “SME Loan” product paper has been introduced which aims to offer tailor- made features to small and medium enterprise that fits best in current business environment of the country.

The purpose of the credit facilities is financing working capital and/or capital expenditure requirement including equity replenishment and/or equity refinancing and/or non-funded facilities to SMEs that are engaged in manufacturing, trading and service sectors and meet the basic eligibility criteria set by the bank. The maximum loan limit for “SME Loan” including both funded and non-funded to an enterprise or a group of enterprises falling under the same obligor group is NPR 100 Million. The enterprise may be industrial, business or service oriented.”

SME Loans Premium Rate*
Overdraft BR+Upto 3.50 %
Trust Receipt Loan/STL BR+Upto 3.50 %
Term Loan BR+Upto 3.50 %